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There's now a scientific basis for predicting serious health effects on our bodies from microwave radiation levels 100,000 times lower than current US safety standards, and children and pets are even more susceptible.  This microwave radiation opens Calcium channels located on the cell membranes, flooding our cells with excess Calcium.  Excess Calcium activates the enzymatic reactions that can lead to cell death, inflammation (pain and tissue damage), oxidative stress, breakdown of cell to cell junctions, DNA breakage, and effects on immunity.  These changes can result in cancer, effects in brain, heart, hormone and immune systems.

After years of researching this, I now have the knowledge and meters to offer an EMF Survey with Specific Recommendations on How to Minimize or Eliminate Your Exposure, customized to your home or office space and lifestyle.  The meters will allow us to hear the radiation in your space(!), and almost always there are quick and easy ways to greatly reduce the EMF levels around you, with no or minimal impact to your routine.  Refer a friend and you both get 15% off!


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Awaken the Magic provides teens, adults, parents, groups and families with a powerful, customizable assortment of overlapping services, by phone, email, and in person--both in English and Spanish:


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Try something fresh, fun, illuminating and powerful....

Experience what coaching can do for you with a complimentary, 30 minute coaching call.  It may be the best thing you do for yourself all year!

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Under the weather with a cold or flu?  Allergies got you sneezing up a storm?  Starting to forget your keys more often?  Learn new ways to safely restore your health with completely natural remedies.