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You are about to enter the Lava Rock Realty Demo Site...

This site includes a Content Management System (CMS) custom-designed to LRR's needs. The custom CMS gave the non-technical real estate agents of Lava Rock Realty the ability to create, edit, delete, or temporarily disable their own Agent Bios and Multimedia Property Listings. They did this via simple-to-use, MS-Word-like web applications in a password-protected Agents Area. As such, the actual site contained a database full of additional web pages that LRR generated using the tools I provided them. As an example, the few Property Listings and Agent Bios that you will see were created by the non-technical Real Estate Agents of LRR.

Using these tools, property photos and videos up to 8 MB could be uploaded, at which point they would be programatically scaled and optimized for rapid display in a Multimedia Property Listing. (Even 4MB aerial photos of huge dimensions could be uploaded with a click, with no manual editing required, and they would be automatically converted to a fast-loading, web quality image of the proper dimensions for the desired position in that property listing.) The tools also included a built-in Help system for first-time users.

PLEASE NOTE: The site you are about to visit is a partially-functional, preliminary version of the website designed by Awaken The Magic for Lava Rock Realty. This is not an active real estate site: It is for demo purposes only.  (Ie, the properties represented may no longer be available, some pictures are bogus, names/phone numbers are likely out of date, some features like MLS searches (require a paid business access code) are non-functional, etc.)

The complete and fully-functional version of this site was in use for years, but is no longer (LRR was sold). For that reason, this demo version was created from some of the earlier files I still had, to give you an idea of the site I designed.