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Notes from former/current clients to prospective clients:

I'd characterize my experience as transformation driven and accomplishment heavy. Rich's coaching was one of the best things I've ever done for myself (as my wife and I both agree)... [more]

I feel incredibly grateful for the work we do together. I am slowly starting to listen to myself again and truly ask myself, "What do I want to do?" in a way I haven't done for an incredibly long time... [more]

...this has been one of the most rewarding and productive professional relationships I have ever had. In these past months, I have attained all the goals I set for myself and am a much happier, more fulfilled person. Through my coaching relationship with Rich, he has helped me to... [more]

I find Rich to be a skilled and compassionate coach, very able to work with me on my intangible goals of self-growth. When I am floundering... [more]

Unsolicited testimonials from people Rich has coached:

I've only been working with you for a couple of weeks, but I feel that I have broken out of a huge logjam of my own creating.  My family, friends and therapist hadn't been able to help me see what you did -- that I have to go where my heart is.  They all supported me in pursuing the things I was saying I wanted to do.  All the activities I have surrounded myself with, felt compelled to do, etc., are not really what I want.  It's sort of like the story where the emperor has no clothes.  Thank you Rich, I am quite astonished at how energizing this has been!

~ Barbara, Retired ~

I felt exhilarated after our conversation.  You are a phenomenal coach.  I love the honesty that you speak and the doors you open with me.  Looking forward to our next call.

~ Kelley Epstein, PhD Psychology, MEd/LPC Psychotherapy; Therapist ~

I am also jazzed beyond expression about the accomplishments to date and the momentum that I feel.  As for my feelings and experience with our coaching relationship, well, there it is.

~ Mark Radonich, BSE Nuclear Sciences; Health Physicist/Facilitator/Mgmt Consultant/Creativity Catalyst ~

Rich has the most amazing calming, healing energy that he shared with me so kindly and selflessly.  His keen insights help me delve even deeper into a journey of self-discovery, even towards areas that I hadn't dared venture before.  His brave authenticity prompts me to realize my own pretense (however conscious or unconscious) and inspires me to start living my own truth.

~ Vera, Flight Attendant ~

Since November I have been working with Rich Raffals as my personal coach.  He has helped me make exponential progress in my search for meaningful work.  I have gone from not knowing what I was going to do, to having a clear vision of my goals and having taken significant steps towards achieving them.  It may sound simple to do this on your own, but the power of having someone in your corner to help you make your dreams come true is priceless.

~ Mike Kahn, Photographer/Videographer/Web Designer ~

Rich does not have his own agenda or miracle cure or advice.  He listens.  And then he suggests one or two ideas and waits for me to decide on the next course of action.  He listens.  From real listening, he can accurately reflect back to me my own words so that I can make up new interpretations or clarify or abandon.  He is professional, has excellent references, teaches classes, takes classes - he's not playing at this.  This is his calling.

~ Carlene, Life Coach ~

As for your coaching of me, you were right on - and in such a brief few minutes too. You tied it right back to my goals and I loved having the goblin go work on the plans and then to set them aside.  The only constructive feedback I have for you right now is that you are a natural coach and I want you to be out there, using your abilities with people.  People NEED what you can give them.

~ Susan Nurse, Marketing Consultant ~

You are a great coach!  If I ever have a client I can not take, I intend to send them your way.  You took this path for a reason - and others will benefit greatly.  When I see you in action (and am on the receiving end of your coaching) you are right on.  What it comes down to is your intuition.  You have it and you trust it.  Continue to follow it.

~ Melanie Gill, Director of Marketing/Corporate Coach ~

I think it's great that you're coaching: I think you have an amazing amount to give.  You are awesome at helping other people to see things more clearly.

~ Wendy Macleod, Student  ~

I really appreciate being able to work with you and I am incredibly grateful for everything I have been able to accomplish in my life in the past few months.

~ Jennifer Johnson, Administrative Assistant & Grad Student at SFSU (BA in Political Science; emphasis on Public Service and Human Development) ~

Thanks for the mail. I appreciate the time and thoughtfulness in your reply. You acknowledge very well. You are already a coach doing profound work. I'm absolutely certain that your clients will value you and get great benefit from the space you provide them.

~ Clark Friedrichs, BS, CPCC; Personal/Professional Life Coach &
CTI Co-Active Coaching Course Leader (of Rich's first coaching training in 2000) ~

I want you to know that I am getting a ton out of the coaching and that I really appreciate your working with me.  I feel like I am making huge progress- my mind is growing very rapidly and you are helping a ton to feed it.  Thank you!

~ Mike Kahn, Photographer/Videographer/Web Designer ~

Thanks for getting me honed in on what the problem is for me - this is extremely helpful.

~ Susan Nurse, Marketing Consultant ~

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