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The didjeridu is an instrument of nature, comprised solely of a Eucalyptus log hollowed out by termites and a beeswax mouth piece. It is traditionally played to emulate and connect with the sounds and energies of the natural world, with a technique called "circular breathing" that connects both player and those who hear it to a kind of timeless, trance-y, continuous breath that seems to have no beginning, no end....

"Auditory signals induce trance states in two ways. They either blot out the ordinary internal dialogues or switch the focus to proprioception [ie, feeling your body], since rhythm and music can also be felt physically, not just heard."  ~ Arnold Mindell, Working on Yourself Alone - Inner Dreambody Work

"For anyone to be in the same space as a didjeridu being played is usually a healing experience, even though many people would not even be aware of it. Most people report that they feel relaxed and yet energised when listening to the didjeridu being played.

Here are some more comments people gave when asked for their first experience of didjeridu sound: deeply touching, in tune with the world, takes away from thinking, awe inspiring, magical, feels like a voice from the earth, ancient, haunting, powerful, primal, other worldly, mesmerizing, calming, enchanting, soothing, mystical, hypnotic, relaxing, earthly feeling, primordial.

Listening to the didj seems to awaken deep and ancient feelings creating emotions within us which are soothing and healing, especially the deep relaxation the didj allows people to experience. There is no doubt that listening to the didj is a very effective treatment for stress and many of our regular visitors use the didj to wind down after a stressful day at work. So just playing the didj in the same space as other people is healing for those people. In fact I have been told by a well-known Aboriginal elder that they used to play the didj near sick people to help them heal.

I like to call the didjeridu a psychic vacuum cleaner except that it's rather a psychic blower. It seems to dissipate tensions, stress and any negative energies stuck anywhere in the body and to harmonise the energy.

Didjeridu healing is also called vibrational healing since the recipient can actually feel the vibrations in his/her body which are caused by the low frequency sound of the didjeridu. Interestingly ESA (the European Space Agency) is currently investigating the beneficial effect of vibrations on bone, muscle and hormone function for long space travel. I would love to see a scientific study into the effect of didj vibrations on the body and I would bet that beneficial effects would be found."

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For more on the healing effects of sound and vibration read this wonderful article by Simon Heather, published in Positive Health Magazine, about the astonishing results of sound upon blood, water, cancer cells, neurons and a range of conditions!

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