Vision and Focus

Using the energy of your conscious intention to shape your reality:  It is claimed that the validity of this is now being proven by Quantum Physics [Eg, See the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?"].  What follows is an easy habit to teach yourself to find out for yourself if this is true.  (In the coaching field, it is taught that it takes humans about 21 days of repeated behavior to form a habit.)

The instructions below are from a friend's spiritual teacher who I've never met. So, if you're game, pls give it a try and let me know if it works for you...or, not. :-)

    Whenever you notice something in your life that matches your vision, make a BIG DEAL out of it.  Focus your attention on it and do what you can to enhance it.  When you notice things in your life that
are out of alignment with your vision, treat them as no big deal.  They are just "manifested illusions."  If the Universe observes a clear statement from you that this is not an acceptable part of your reality, it will take it into consideration as it rearranges itself.  For example, if in your vision, beings are loving and supportive, and you find yourself confronted by an abusive being, you can clearly state to them and the Universe how you like to be treated in your reality.  If this doesn't get through to the person, then excuse yourself and leave.

** Remember that whatever you allow and participate with, the Universe observes as an acceptable part of your reality.  The more precise you are in consistently taking a stand for your vision, the more precise the Universe will be in bringing you more of it.  **

     This is not about being able to cope with a reality you don't like.  It is about consciously co-creating your version of "Heaven on Earth."  It's also good to know that your "seed vision" is a mix of the things that make your heart sing and things that accommodate your idiosyncracies.  Let's all co-create realities in which we are loved and supported for being who we truly are.

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