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Top pages recommended to my eco-conscious, sustainability-minded, and deeply caring sisters & brothers who're willing to take action on behalf of the Earth's delicate and precious ecosystems/resources, as well as for all life that depends on those ecosystems/resources =)...

THANK YOU! for considering the actions below; here's a $20 credit toward your first AirBnB trip (can use to stay more cheaply than at hotels, have local contacts wherever you go, rent empty rooms at your place, meet global travelers).

The section immediately below has interesting and powerful ways to make a difference in a myriad of areas.  Should you have a more-specific interest, however, jump down to one of the sections on Home, Going Green, Air Quality, Investing, Food/Water, Forests, Ethical Fashion/Clothing Choices, ElectroMagnetic Radiation/EMF, Telecommuting, Join a Global Movement, or The Human Factor in Societal Change.

  1. Some Actions You Can Take Right This Moment! ==> EDF, Story of Stuff Project, Washable/Reusable Produce Bags, 52 Steps for More Sustainable Life
  2. Earth911! (Thanks, Ingrid!)
  3. Vote with your $$: Best/Worst Companies on the Planet — Search by Company Name or Category (eg, Appliances, Banks, Beer/Wine, Credit Cards, Gasoline, Hair Care, Hotels, Insurance Companies, Travel, Clothing, Chocolate, Water, etc) for Enviro/Social ratings.  [ Please note top offenders (with grades of 'F', 'D', etc), and ensure you're not unknowingly contributing to their assault of the environment!  Kudos for consciously shifting to supporting/patronizing those with high grades! ]
  4. Awesome Ethical GIFTS that can Change the World
  5. Washable/Reusable Produce Bags (never need another single-use plastic bag for fruits/veggies at grocery store!)
  6. Take the Educational Food Waste Quiz!
  7. Food Choices: #1 Factor in Climate Change? (short video + referenced fact sheet details affects on Greenhouse Gases, Water, Land, Oceans, Waste, Rainforest, Wildlife, Humanity)
  8. Top 10 Reasons to Drink Tap Water (preferably with a Berkey purifier that removes flouride :)
  9. Top 10 Reasons to Opt Out of Industrial Meat (Center for Food Safety)
  10. Just Eat It (Entertaining film: 40% of food is wasted, which incldes all the resources that went into producing, packaging, storing and delivering it)
  11. The Story of Stuff (movie clip) | Recycle Anything
  12. How to Stop Our Food From Killing the Climate
  13. Sustainability Guide for College Students (and anyone) on a Budget (Thanks, Aubree & Ingrid!)
  14. 52 Steps for a More Sustainable Life
  15. Study: 100 Companies Responsible for 71% of Global Emissions
    (Please prioritize minimizing oil/gas/fossil fuel usage, divest from oil/gas/fossil fuel companies and the mega-banks that support them, and channel your purchases/investments to Companies with Good Grades at the above link — ie,
  16. Prevent Dolphin Slaughter
  17. Take the 30-day Vegan Challenge! (the main action step after seeing the Cowspiracy movie)
  18. Get Paid to Recycle your Electronics!  |  Sell/Reuse/Recycle Electronics - Get Cash for your Gadgets!
  19. Shop Green (National Green Pages — if you *have* to shop :)
  20. Half of All Food Produced Worldwide is Wasted (some very useful, practical info at the end on making food last longer, how to tell when left-overs have gone bad, a list of common foods and how long they last, etc)
  21. Safe, Eco-friendly Fish Choices: EDF, Monterey Bay Aquarium
  22. How Mushrooms May Save The World: Amazing Bioneers/Stamets Video, 7 Ways/Care2, Oil Spills to Nuke Meltdowns/Discover Magazine
  23. Beyond Eco-Apartheid: Van Jones/Conscious Choice, Vandana Shiva/Anthropocene
  24. Cool Cities: How to Solve Global Warming in Your Town (local communities taking action together)
  25. Connection
  26. One Great Big Plastic Hassle
  27. Brian Greene on the Theory of Everything
  28. My Three Days off Corn
  29. The Sound of Science
  30. Plant Trees Around the World from Your Computer
  31. United Nations Billion Tree Campaign

Go Green!


Air Quality: How/Where to Report Smog-Belching Vehicles on the Road

Occupy Movement: Social Investing/Community Investing/Sustainable Communities



Ethical Fashion/Clothing Choices


Telecommuting for You and the Earth

Global Uprisings

The Human Factor


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