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Vibrational Coaching

Vibrational Coaching, a powerful synergy of life coaching and vibrational/sound healing — that you won't find anywhere else — is being offered at the introductory rate of $300 per month.

Single, 2-2.5 hour vibrational coaching sessions that are a condensed version of the monthly coaching and are also available.  These are normally done at my home in Palo Alto, but can be done at a place of your choosing for an additional fee.

Each Month of Vibrational Coaching Consists of:

  • 4 weekly sessions of professional spiritual/life coaching, emotional counseling, and rhythmic- and didjeridu- focused sound healing with Rich.

  • 1st and 3rd sessions consist of 30 min of coaching/counseling to achieve intellectual and emotional clarity on your goal, area of focus, or highest vision for your self and your life (this can be on the level of physical or emotional healing, or on the practical level)…and to explore what that means for you on the vibrational level. (can be done by phone; better in person)

  • 2nd and 4th sessions consist of a 60-90 min altered-state sound healing journey, in which Rich holds a vibrational template matching the future reality of your highest preference. You align yourself vibrationally with the music and sounds as they’re played on and around your body.

  • Accessing the place where advanced spiritual teachings intersect with the latest findings in Quantum Physics, you’ll have the opportunity to heal yourself and/or realize your vision by shifting and maintaining your vibration at the cellular level, in the moment, with sonic and energetic support (much faster than via action alone).

  • Sound healing journeys utilize Australian and crystal didjeridus, African drum, Ecuadorian/Puerto Rican rattles, Tibetan chimes, Native American flute, voice, aromatherapy.

  • Additional benefits may include:
    • Meditative states of deep relaxation, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and muscle tension, altered/expanded consciousness
    • Reduction in chronic symptoms and physical pain
    • Clearing of emotional trauma and energetic blockages
    • Chakra opening/balancing
    • Shifts toward life purpose
    • Shamanic journeying, "lucid dreaming while awake"
    • Immediate increase in energy and motivation

Optional initial discovery sessions to assess the 8-9 primary areas of your life, consciously design the optimal coaching partnership for you, do experiential exercises to identify your core values/fulfillment formula, sketch out longer term goals and dreams, identify habits to break and empowering habits to form, etc. are available, at additional cost, for those seeking a deeper, longer-term healing and transformational partnership. Recommended for coaching relationships of 3 months or longer, in which clients consciously focus and transform not just what’s happening in their lives (experience/doing level), but who they are as a person (being level).

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